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Disney World may be our second home this year! We splurged and got a season pass for the off peak time. The kids are not in primary school yet so we can go anytime, plus parks are so much more fun during the off peak times.

I also had a hard drive drop off a TV tray I was using on vacation.


All the images not double backed up from September, October, November and December were lost. Basically almost all of them. Trips to spend time with family, more Disney, moving into our new home two days before Christmas after 7 months in a townhome.

My family in January 2013


My Family in December 2013

Everything feels all new and glittery this month. We just barely made it into the new house before Christmas. No tree, but there was plenty of room for Guy's parents with no stairs to a bed or bath like in the rental.


Having lost pretty much all the images with friends and family and during important events for 4 months of this year, I am closing out the year with resolve to not let an equipment malfunction or accident impact us this much ever again. Back up back back up!!! We have found which is amazing for double backing up And for transferring images and videos automatically from phones and devices to Dropbox. Game changer.

Family Project | Through the years

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