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The big events this year were officially co-living with my mom in our joint new home and teaching our youngest to sit at a table for a meal. His usual MO has been eating on the go and from everyone else's plates.

Blake & Madison turn 6 this year and Landon turns 3.


Life with three little kids, taking on big kids school and making sure to spend quality time together is pretty grand.

My family in January 2014

Exploring close to home in the chilly sunshine and playing in the rare snow/ice made for some great memories to capture.
Guy flew out to Arizona to drive with my mother to bring the SUV & her household goods to NC. Let the co-living arrangements begin. Who's stuff goes where, what to do with duplicate kitchen items and settling into a new normal began this month.
Guy's parents were our first visitors in the new home.

My Family in February 2014

Holidays are kinda our thing. I remember back when Guy and I met how he wasn't as keen on making going on holiday a priority. It didn't take long for him to get completely and utterly hooked. The experiences of friends, being out of our normal, new sights, different smells and the most ordinary to extraordinary vistas is something we find necessary in our life's journey. Seeing the joy of our experiences selected in my children's eyes, makes me want to work so much harder to continue to make these dreams a reality for them.

My Family in March 2014

Before and afters for Landon and Maddie as mum and dad did their haircuts. We may not be perfect at them, but it was fun! Landon got a treat when the soil delivery guy let him operate the dump truck.

My Family in April 2014

Preschool. Easter. Ranch party. Birthday presents. Birthday dinner.

One night the kids asked me if they could do photos in the studio in their PJ's. Guy and I are sure it was a 'brilliant' idea to prey on mum's desires as a way to delay bed. It worked and we had a great time playing, dancing and giggling!

My Family in May 2014

Looking at this months images as a whole, I see childhood with all the fun and wonders it can bring.
I see Landon and the twins in the same Montessori kinder class. The only time the three children will likely be in the same group as they learn. Even though Landon is only just 2, he was allowed to join the school the last 2 months. He loves the structure and learning new things.
I see the new trampoline my mom bought the kids which will bring them years of joy as well as quiet moments looking up into the trees. I see the first time we camped in the clearing wrapped in woods behind our home. Close enough to grab anything we want, wash dishes and to use a real toilet. Since places we would go to camp in NC would feel pretty much the same as home, why not stay at home to camp. ha!

My Family in June 2014

It was a jam packed summer month for us. We did Universal on holiday with our nephew Riley. I'll forever shout to all who listen my travel tip to use excellent prams until well past the age children technically fit or need them. ha ha! They are serious live savers in child fatigue and happiness levels, plus they hold heaps of supplies like fresh fruit, sandwiches and other goodies to keep up the energy and lesson the need for very expensive meals onsite! There are lots of rental companies near all the big parks who will deliver fabulous prams to your hotel or vacation rental for less then the price of any onsite pram rental.

BTW - The talking fountain at Universal Florida is a little known attraction in a quiet and pretty courtyard. Beware, during the course of your hilarious conversation, you'll get squirted, sprayed, and shot at with water! Best part of the day for all of us.

Our garden production began in earnest, the baby birds grew so rapidly, the backyard with the leaning play set got lots of use and the oppressive humid temperatures made water a necessary outdoor addition. Our kids love to ride the wagon down the sloping back garden resulting in a smack when they reach the trees. Luckily, the slope is gentle enough no one gets hurt at the full stop!

My Family in July 2014

Lots of fun times and weird photo shoots was Riley continued his summer holiday visit with us. There was even a daggy dress up shoot. lol

Some of my favourites from this month are shopping for school supplies.

My Family in August 2014

It's funny how my kids tend to dress in 'matching' or 'coordinated' outfits. While the first image is a hot mess, there is also a lot of coordination going on.

Then there is my absolute love of B&W. It removes all the distractions of colour, leaving the viewer with a clear look at a particular story or element.

The studio became home to lots of fun moments with Madison's girls party, Karissa's fun with the kids, remote self portrait shenanigans, elaborate play set ups and celebrating our garden yummies.

There's also a few other random life's moments.

My Family in September 2014

I had so so many images that were complete favourites this month. In a massive effort of self editing, I decided to only share my favourites from Landon's photo shoot to take a photo like one Blake did in his undies and dad's tie. It didn't go at all like I expected, but it became so much more.

This sweet boy of mine has OCD. Change, doing unexpected things and doing anything in a different way are hard for him. They are hard for him in all aspects of life. So when I asked him to get into his undies, he was not able to go strait there. Instead, we started with the backpack he proudly wears when the twins go to big school. He can't wait to do this with them. Then we laughed and joked our way out of each layer of clothing.

This kid is the child of many expressions, tears, thoughts and jokes. He makes our family ever more interesting. This photo shoot is an example of one of the many ways we help him to overcome and move past the OCD blocks which can impede his successful journey in this life. It is the story of how much time he and I put into making changes ok and manageable. Each year gets a bit easier. I'm excited to see where we will be by the time he hits his teen years.

My Family in October 2014

Birthday parties have to be one of the kids favourite things to attend. They have such a great time with all the activities and connecting with their friends.


The dark photo of Landon sitting with Blake during his breathing treatment melts my heart. It is Blake's least favourite part of the day. His brother is there for him each and every time he does his treatment. I find myself falling more and more in love with documenting the everyday.

Some sister missionaries came over after a client session with a BIG bouquet of balloons. The kids had some fun with them and with the missionaries. Plus, the missionaries loved having a couple portraits done too.

My Family in November 2014

My heart is made fuller by these three beating hearts entrusted to us to raise.

My Family in December 2014

I taught a exploration photography class each Friday at the twins school for year 1 & 2 kids. Madison signed up for my class & Landon snuck on in to go on our adventures around the city. I love how parents and community members offer these elective classes and feel so very grateful to be able to share something with these sweet children as they learn about and experience the world around them.

One evening at the park, the light was sparkling through the trees so the kids stood in front of the pretty and made a million faces at me. I already know this will be a great memory for me, and hopefully for them too.

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