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Joyful is a ChoicePhotographer for Families

Hi! I'm Shannon and I love to photograph Melbourne families in all their interesting moments.


We moved from the states in 2019, settling in the Dandenong foothills, not far from where my husband grew up in Mitcham.


We found a house that was so us, next to a Bayswater primary school that felt like home, and all of us are in love.


We all feel like we are in the perfect place for us and look forward to experiencing living in Victoria & post Covid life.


People ask when we're leaving. We aren't leaving.

Well, except for our holiday adventures.

We also love all the quiet everyday moments.

Committed to Documenting Families

When we’re talking art, getting to know the artist is important!!


As an artist, I am heavily inspired by your life and your family personalities.


After all, it’s the ideas in my head that will capture you in images.


For me, life is about:


working hard


dedication to family


choosing to be optimistic


building personal relationships


quality time with family and friends


Basically, living life in the most authentic way possible


Sometimes this means buckling down and at other times... Let the jokes fly.


Plus, people are interesting and worth getting to know.

Documenting my Family - June 2020

Personal Project | 3 Kids + 1 Mate + Me = Many Adventures

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What memories can I record for you?

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