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Together again | Rosenbalm | Melbourne Holiday Photographer

Session length = 5 hours

Session type = Photo + Film

(Victoria Market, Melbourne Australia)

Natalie love Tim Tams and many many things Australian. Mum of this clan has an easy smile and an even more go with the flow personality. Except for smoothies, which the kids have many stories and thoughts about.

She and Sam brought their family of seven together for a week long visit to Melbourne this summer. The weather did not disappoint and was a massive relief to the ever present Singapore damp heat.

With a loose list of possible places to discover and experience, their schedule was easy breezy. No worries, mate. What a better place to take a laid back approach to their adventures then Australia and the beautiful state of Victoria!?!

After years of living with a terminal cancer, held back by trial drugs, each vacation has both a feeling of a normal vacation and a sacred vacation. Sam made a few macabre comments sometimes bringing in the laughter and other times the reminder. That bit of weighted blanket they all wear daily.

(Mount Dandenong, Sky High, Victoria)

Sam’s passion is photography. He loves the real and has passed on his love to teen daughter, Maren, who’s all about photographing more things than people. I adored capturing Sam in action, And in the pictures. Unlike most families, it is most often dad behind the camera in this family.

Phillip Island boat tour

When Sam looked through the pictures, he had a great time joking about the many faces of the kids that were so them. Being a part of the pictures and story brought a new dimension to their holiday, which they loved so much.

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