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Bringing her home | Anderson | Eastern Suburbs Newborn Photographer

Session length = 5 hours

Session type = Photo + Film

She didn’t know what to think or how to react, and they thought all was lost.

This sweet baby girl was only two weeks old. For a few days, she couldn’t figure out what she wanted. Was it to be held, to be left alone, to eat, to sleep, to break wind, to spit up, to cry, to sigh contentedly? It was like a roller coaster of emotions & reactions so different from when their boys came home.

Quick baby check appoitnment

None of that phases me. They felt relaxed and comfortable even though she was having a tough day during our session. Maybe there aren’t as many images of the boys with her.

Is that OK?

Yes, it is. 100%

You definitely need to watch this short video from their session.
Select play below.

What they got perfectly represented her addition to the family. The calm and sometimes indifference to baby from their oldest and the over the top emotions and excitement for everything life And baby from the now middle child. So exactly each of them.

An in home session with both lifestyle and documentary vibes had everyone feeling comfortable and happy as we lived and photographed around baby’s needs. The satisfaction and comfort in experiencing in home photography with this new baby addition.

It helps for me to be an unflappable person. Don’t you love that word?!! It is my new favourite and really accurate when it comes to my working persona. At home, I’m a bit of a mess, just like everyone else. No worries, I’ve got you too, just the way you are.

J & J had so much fun feeling free to be themselves with how they like to move, play and interact with each other and the kids.

These types of pictures tell the story of your early days with baby. From the first baby to last, each one is a different kid and a different experience.

J & J said they feel the love, laughter and crazy of their everyday when they remember the day and experience the photos and videos.

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