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Her death changed everything for me!

Her death changed everything!

Have you ever had a moment where you realise life will never be the same?

My grandma tied the family together, her home was open as a refuge and shelter for people to lay their heads, and her heart was open to most. Ha ha, you thought I would say all. Nah, who doesn’t have faults? Those faults and feisty attitudes go right along with the adoring looks of love and acts of kindness. It makes us very human and oh so interesting.

With her passing, I was particularly hit by how my children would never ‘know’ her, at least not the way I did. Over the years since she passed, the images I show the kids and the stories we tell them, help them learn to love her and develop the sense of who she was.

It has changed my photography at the very core.

My Grandmother in the white shirt.

The pictures I show the kids of her are not the admittedly, very beautiful portrait with pin curls, perfect makeup and a nice smile. They are ones camping in the desert (much like the Aussie outback or bush), sitting on a bench with my toddler twins putting a protective hand on both Just In Case, relaxed in her dark lounge room with the sweet evening desert light pouring in from the window, or the one time she was catching the bus to go work in the cafeteria of the university up the road dressed as Ragedy Ann for “her kids” as she called the students.

I adore how she is most often looking at the ones she loves rather then the camera.

My work is about documenting the moments in my clients lives, ones that will deepen and enrich their life experience as well as their extended circle. I want everyone to have the visual memories with their loved ones, being loved on, entertained and just being themselves. The relationships which matter.

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