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Mentoring & Photography Classes

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Melbourne Australia based photographer


Business owner for over 25 years | Lifelong photography enthusiast


Your learning is tailored to you. Just you and what You need.

Do you want to control your camera?

I have been teaching photography for over 20 years. Sometimes it is quick tips to help get someone to the next level, and sometimes it is in depth.


Regardless of what a student needs, I am committed to ensuring the information is learnt intuitively.


The knowledge becomes a part of you and your money is never wasted.


Over the years, I have developed methods which help the learner feel empowered and confident with the knowledge they are learning and practicing.


I can help you develop the skills necessary to capture the images you dream of capturing.

All classes and mentoring sessions are scheduled dependent upon client needs.


Reach out to discuss your needs, ideas and plans.

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