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My Family | Personal Project Portfolio | 2015

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This was a year of personal struggles for my husband and I. He was without a job (happened right before our big Disney cruise) and I was working my tail off to accommodate the income gap.

We did it. Plus, we staying close, healed and cultivated our family.

Some years are tough, yet we still manage to find a way to choosing love. Choosing joy.

My Family in January 2015

The twins school has this great program where parents and other community members teach or lead 2 hour elective type exploration classes each Friday for 6 weeks. I love to lead them and this month taught photography to the year 1-2 kids. They had so much fun. We also had Guy's sister visit and we gave the studio space a playful workout.

My Family in February 2015


My Family in March 2015

No surprise the kids picked a Disney cruise for their birthday celebrations this year, nor that we went a month early! Grandma & cousin Karissa (both live with us) joined us for the awesome adventures. Every year the kids get to choose what they want for their birthdays. The choice is between a birthday party, gifts from us or a vacation of their choice. All three of their birthdays are in April with the twins 18 April and Landon on 20 April. Being smart children, at least I think so, they almost always choose a vacation.

Also, Disney cruises are amazing!! This was our second one. The access to ALL the characters is so much more casual, open and fun. Hey, the character staff are stuck on the ship just like us. For people who love to interact with characters and have meaningful interactions, a cruise is the way to go. (After this cruise, our kids never cared to wait in a character line at a Disney park again. Major win!!!)

April flowers prompted a photo shoot and they spent lots more time outdoors in the warmer weather. I also took a lot of pictures for marketing at Landon's preschool. It is a treat to also be able to see him in that learning environment. It will be so sad to say goodbye to our weeks at Country Garden Montessori when Landon heads to the twins school for Prep.

My Family in April 2015

I always want to remember the excitement these three have over a good Easter egg hunt! It was fun doing some environmental portraits as well as some extreme editing on the woodsy ones. Our beloved friends from California visited and Guy left us for a couple weeks to help mum and dad back in Australia get moved to a new home and accomplish the long honey do list.

May 2015 | My Family photographed | by a great friend!

My Family in June 2015

This month our blueberries went from little green bulbs to delicious deep blue treats. We also had our nephew, Riley, visiting for most of the month. He loved being a part of the daily shenanigans like sprinklers & water fights in their undies, learning to ride a bike sans training wheels, the bandaid chronicles and daily tea time as a family. Landon also had his end of year preschool program.

My Family in July 2015

Fireworks, trip to Washington DC for the Australian consulate and family. Great memories from this month. Also, I just Had to include a would be amazing image with me in it, had it been in focus. Keeping it anyway. lol There is an 80/20 rule when people take pictures with me in them. With 80% of them out of focus and 20% of them in focus. Pretty sure my husband has subconsciously intentionally forgotten how to focus the camera. he he

Oh, and the other thing added are a couple of Landon's sad or crying pictures. He has a moment like this on every outing and most days. Change with OCD is hard, especially when you get exposure therapy. Once he processes the change, he's back to our energetic and happy boy. All of our albums have his sad photos included. It's a part of his story and his story is valid. His journey is measurable. His successes are fabulous!

My Family in Aug 2015

From these, you would think we spent our entire month in the studio space! Life goes like that sometimes. I got busy and did only picked up and used my camera in the one place.

My Family in September 2015

We managed some family time with a church outing, a birthday party at the science centre, Aussie Rules footy in the states and bike riding in the park. I wish I had taken some pictures of family members camping out on the couch in my office to spend a little time together watching TV while I edited. Most of 2015 was spent this way with my work hours around 80-90 a week. Crazy, I know. But it worked out better then Guy taking a job that would pay the same, but have him gone 50-60 hours a week instead of me adding 30 hours to my workweek. Our kids thrived under his full time care and plans for our store came together too.

My Family in October 2015

Camping, school outings, Landon tears, Haloween fun and life as always. Madison will forever remember the time she got her dad to put on an M&M costume to go trick or treating with her. He's not a dress up and socialise kinda guy. Not even a little bit, but he loves his kids and puts himself in positions of extreme discomfort. For them. Always for them.

My Family in November 2015

Impromptu photo shoots were the name of the game this month. Getting something of the kids with grandma will be so important to all of them someday, especially when we no longer all live together. Maddie dressing in all black often this month cracked me up as it reminded me of a Parisian artist or when her hair was messy she looked like Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club movie. ha ha The B&W of Landon perfectly grabbed how he methodically massages/pokes his stuffies with his pointer finger. Decorating for Christmas is a favourite. My family traditionally did it Thanksgiving weekend each year, but I'd do it earlier if Guy would let me. Totally!

My Family Photographed | November 2015

My sweet photographer friend got a new lens and she practiced on us. Awesome! Thankful. Love them.

My Family in December 2015

There's always people in our lives who don't want to be photographed. Maybe it's you. In my family, it is my husband and mother. It may seem like Guy is included in so many of these personal project images, but they are also likely the only times he was in an image I took. My message to people is to get in the images, willingly for it isn't about 'you.' It's always about them. The ones who love this camera shy person, just the way they are and especially with the big goofy laugh.

The rest of the images are a smattering of the month including a self portrait, school parties, school field trips, documentation of Landon's first mutual crush and documenting the way my kids have tender moments during their play time.

Family Project | Through the years

What memories can I record for you?

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