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My Family | Personal Project Portfolio | 2016

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The year I barely picked up my camera.


With everything happening to open our retail store and maintain my photography business, I barely, for me anyway, used my big beautiful camera to capture my own family in images.

This year has a lot of phone images.

They aren't nearly as technically beautiful in terms of megapixels allowing for gorgeous detail and beautiful edits.


However, they tell our story just fine.


I'm happy!

My Family in January 2016

Ice storms & Disney! Two very different things and both enjoyable in their own way.

My Family in February 2016

Disney is one of our favourite places to be. We firmly believe strollers are where its at for way beyond when is typical. They keep the kids snacks, all the water, clothing layers and mostly they keep kids happier. Disney is where they chose to spend their birthdays, and we went just over a month early for their fab celebration. We also officially signed the lease for our new retail store plus the regular stuff with school, photography and time with friends.

My Family in March 2016

In the midst of the last push to get the retail shop ready, we had a fabulous visit from the cousins, some fun outings and a random trip to the ER for constipation issues.

Portfolio | My Family in April 2016

Watching the store go from the blank box to putting everything in it with the team sent to help us by Cariloha corporate was so incredible. We also spent some crazy cash!

But that wasn't the only big stuff to happen. Karissa, our niece living with us, got married and the twins decided to get baptised. Both of our moms came out for the two big events.

My Family in May 2016

Our Cariloha store finally opened to lots of community support! Spring is always a busy time of field trips, parties and we added in a sleep study for Landon, Blake looking a bit like a teen in a picture and quiet moments at home.

My Family in June 2016

Summer fun, yearly doctors appointments, slushies with grandma & an overnight trip to the beach Blake and I.

My Family in July 2016

The best of a fun filled month.

My Family in August 2016

Back to school with all the kids going to the Same school!! Whoop Whoop.

Sadly, the first day when we met our friends to carpool is the only time I picked up my camera.

My Family in September 2016

We did a thing and flew to Australia to surprise nanny and poppy. They had no idea. When we stopped in Atlanta for a visit with my dad, step mom and sister, we had to cover up our matching surprise t-shirts with menus in the social media picture! Before we left for Melbourne, we did lots of field trips at school, got in our work and Blake led the cub scouts weekly program.

My Family in October 2016

Melbourne. Melbourne. Melbourne. Oh man, we dream of living in Melbourne one day. This trip, we brought my mom along and did some touristy things we normally don't when visiting family.

My Family in December 2016

The year I barely used my professional cameras for my own family ends with a visit from my sister and nephew for the Christmas & school holidays. We had a lot of fun and having three 8 year olds and one 5 year old is hilarious and very noisy. So much love and fun.

Family Project | Through the years

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