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On the two year path | Combs | Vermont Family Photographer

Session length = 2 hours

Session type = Photo


It’s where they designed a life just perfect for them. From the way they want to live indoors to the garden design.

There is space to play, light to live and pretty things to enjoy like colour, craft, make a tent, play games and reading is not to be forgotten.

Like clockwork, every 2 years I get an email to book in for their family session.

Location? You guessed it.
At home.

When I asked Laura what she wants her family to remember when they look at the images, she replied, “How happy my children are and how much we love our lives!”

We always make sure to grab the pretty smiling at the camera images for the grandparents.

Plus we get the ones of them playing and having a great time together.

The fun and playful images are perfect to decorate the walls of home.

Oh, and one must never forget to display those sweet quiet moments which bring all the feels.

Hanging pictures on your walls, ones which grab your families attention, has a positive effect on them, one that lingers as they go about living their daily lives. Little memories come sparking feelings of love, joy or laughter.

Seeing themselves and family members up on the walls brings smiles, encouragement and those tender loving feelings.

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