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No worries Mate

Hi! I'm Shannon and I love to photograph Melbourne families in all their interesting moments.


You are here because your partner asked you to visit this link as he or she has booked a session for photography and/or videography.


Thank you for taking the time to come here. By doing this, you are being so great to your partner, and I promise to do my best to make the whole process as easy as possible and create wonderful visual memories for you.


If you are like most people, getting family photos and video done comes with a sense of dread or at least some reluctance. The idea of children who happily cooperate for a bossy photographer seems laughably impossible, and then there's the feelings of being on display or needed to 'perform.'

No worries. My style of photography is different. I am very laid back, and we take pictures of the family interactions and naturally get smiles & moments.

Does a photo shoot have to be either

Chaos or Perfection?



What often feels like chaos when being photographed, end up being really beautiful moments of families in action.


As an artist, I am heavily inspired by your life and your family personalities.


Every person and family is different.


I don't judge.


So what can you do to make these photos and video great for your family?


Be yourself and head into it with a good attitude. Children feed off the emotional energy of their parents. If you are calm and happy, they are ever so much more likely to be calm and happy as well.


Have a good time with your family members. Do the things you normally would with them when you want to help them, have fun or cuddle.


Being actively 'hands on' a wee bit more than normal is photo and video gold!


The last thing, I would love to hear your own answers for one question on the questionnaire your partner is filling out.

You are a Hero in Your families Lives

Enjoy these portfolio images. They will give you a look into other families lives. Your own photos and video will look different. They will be your own and based on the wonderful people who make up your family, whether it is just two of you or you have a bunch of bubs.

What memories can I record for you?

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