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Portfolio | Personal Project

Documenting the life of My Family... My Children.


Photography is an art.

Personal projects are both fun and develop great skills.


My ongoing project is documenting the people I adore the most.


Blake & Maddie are boy/girl twins currently enjoying their 12th year of life.

Landon is our larger then life, giant child, who is marching through age 9.

My husband Guy is a pretty typical bloke who doesn't like to be photographed much, so he shows up the least. Love him anyway.

My Family in January 2020

We kicked off 2020 hosting some friends on holiday from Singapore, so much fun and lots of touristy stuff. The twins were able to attend the temple for our church for the first time. They also started out the new school year with the twins in year 6 and big baby in year 4. Blake was the most excited for school, as he couldn't wait to start his school captain duties.

My Family in March 2020

This was a massive month for us and I finally picked up my camera after skipping all of February, the month we 'watched' from afar as this novel virus started its ever onward track.
Blake's time at Somers leadership camp (9 days!) snuck in before all the restrictions are our way. Blake was officially made school captain and Madison got art captain. Even though our home door was closed most of the time, we made sure to get outside everyday. The massive pile of sand staged at the oval became a favourite place to dig for a few days. In the midst of loss, restrictions and panic, there was beauty and peace and love.

Portfolio | April 2020 | My Family

Everything home during our kids birthday month.

With the Blake & Madison on 19 April and Landon on 21 April, we always celebrate together. Luckily for us, the children picked gifts from us as their celebration of choice (each year it is either gifts, party or holiday). Usually, pretty much every year, they pick holiday adventures which left us in the enviable spot of not losing money on trips cancelled due to Covid-19 lockdowns.

My Family in May 2020

Life at working and schooling at home saw us get out of the house to walk in our neighbourhood parks as well as the foothills of the Dandenong mountains up the road. We are so thankful to have such abundant beauty near us.

My Family in June 2020

June saw our kids happily back doing in person school. We also managed a quick little getaway during the brief time cabins and caravan parks were open here in Victoria.

Family Project | Through the years

What memories can I record for you?

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